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In Sri Lanka this special Asthma, Gastritis and Arthritis treatment are undergone only by Rajapura Ayurveda Medical technicians founded by Dr Sumith Rajapura is family, three hundred years back by their ancestors. From this asthma treatment the disease is completely cured and will not crop up again, in his/her life time. From this treatment the breathing difficulty is cured to 100% and the cough, scratching of eyes and ears and all other ailments will be cured definitely. After the disease is cured the patient can live with using normal food and bathing as usual. After the sickness is cured completely, it will never crop up the disease again and there is no side effect come up because it 100% herbal treatment.


Sri Lanka is a country of rich heritage, one of which is its indigenous system of Medicine, which has been followed by people since ancient times. The Ayurveda system of medicine from North India, the Siddha system of medicine from South India and the Unani system of medicine of Arabs enriched with contributions from the traditional system of medicine called DESHEEYA CHIKITHSA is popularly known as the Indigenous system of medicine in Sri Lanka.

This Country enjoys the services of 20000 traditional and Ayurveda practitioners, 70 per cent being traditional physicians, trained by their guru (teachers) and who had acquired knowledge through years of experience as well. The remaining 30percent are institutionally trained, obtaining a Diploma or Degree after undergoing a six year curriculum course, as a part of which they are taught the basic and essentials of traditional medicine on the above mentioned specialties. In addition to the above mentioned course, a three year diploma courses is available in the country to train, as physicians, youngsters descended from families whose forefathers were traditional physicians.

Buddhism has admittedly been the most powerful influence on the development of the culture of Sri Lanka from at least the 3rd century B.C. Relieving the sufferings of all living creatures, both human beings and animals are one of the highest ideals of Buddhism. Ancient rulers of Sri lanka as devout followers of Buddha naturally gave high priority to the physical well-being of the people The fact that king provided medical facilities is borne out only by numerous references in literary and geographically sources, but also by archaeological remains. The form of medicine practiced was of course Ayurveda, as modified to suit local condition and needs. It is quit natural that Sri Lanka with its close geographical ethic and cultural ties with India has also adopted the system of medicine practiced in the sub-continent. In This condition as an Ayurveda practitioner we could found 300 years ago an Ola leaf manuscript belongs to my forefathers. There were many treatments for few diseases. Among them I prepared treatment for Asthma,Gastritis and Arhritis practiced. Fortunately it was successful. I practiced it for 7 years and have treated more than 10000 patients.

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